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About Light Dynamics Healing Centre in Rowville, Melbourne

Light Dynamics Healing is run by Chris Walker and works out of the Remedy Group healing centre in Rowville and the Wantirna Wellness Centre in Wantirna, and the home healing centre in Rowville.

Light Dynamics Healing offers healings using Light Dynamics, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy and Reiki.

Chris Walker Gifted Psychic and Energy Healer

Hi I am Chris Walker, and I am a naturally gifted psychic healer and clairvoyant, who finds real enjoyment in helping others achieve profound awakenings and shifts in their lives.

I have many gifts, but I really love working with the healing energy and I much prefer this type work to help people, where real change takes place.

Back in 1996, I did Reiki, even back then, I have always been interested in the healing field. I have completed many more courses and workshops and worked with healing energy over this time.

Even still today I attend a psychic development Class once a week. Where I continue to grow and develop new skills.

I was among the first people in 2012 to receive Light Dynamics. Since then, I has completed Light Dynamics 1, 2, 3 and teacher channel levels and have continued to remain very active within the Light Dynamics community.

The Light Dynamics healing work focuses on channeling Light or healing enery directly from Source Light or GOD, for my client’s personal healing and transformation. This is a more smoother energy than Reiki. Clients find it so relaxing, they wonder if it is powerful, then after the session and a day or two after, they are just amazed.

In 2013, I became a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy practitioner and has completed level 1 & 2 training. I am a dedicated practitioner, as I also like to keep active in this community as well.

I just love doing past life regressions, to have people to discover the source of the issues and then the healing to remove the conditions that are causing the problems, illness or blocks.

I have found the past life regression work using hypnosis or also called hypnotherapy, the quickest way to healing the mind, soul and body. During the past life regression, you get out of the way for the healing really take hold and have the really big changes in your life.

I was personally taught Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy or QHHT for short by Delores Cannon and also by her daughter Julia Cannon. I am still an active memeber of the dedicated practitioners, to answer questions and help others with this fantasic work.

The past life regression session can also be used for the more tradition hypnosis or hypnotherapy work as well, like stop smoking, lose weight and stopping habits and fears.

The reason this works and is very effective, is normal traditional hypnosis uses scripts to help reprogram the sub conscious mind to bring in new behaviours and have them stick. With a past life regression, we can get to the root cause of the issue and where is started from in the first place. It well could have been form this life, but sometimes it can be from the past. It is good to see where it started from, then it is released it is very easy.

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