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Hypnosis by Chris Walker

The type of hypnosis I use is very different to what most other hypnotherapists use. I use a specialised form of hypnosis which is a form of past life regression. This was taught to me in person by Dolores Cannon and her daughter Julia Cannon. I just love this method that I use as it does produce the result people are really wanting.

The hypnosis I use and also known as hypnotherapy, is really just like a very deep form of meditation or relaxation. You are lying down, relaxed and you are very peaceful. Once in that state, I will get you into and seeing a past life that is important for you to see and understand. After the hypnosis session you will understand why you were seeing that life, but during the session I will guide you to important days and events and you will be deep in memories of that time. You will feel like you are actually there.

Once you are deep enough in the past life or past lives, more can be shown if I think it is needed, I work with these very advanced beings called the Super Conscious. They are the ones that will heal the issues that you have come with. They can also heal the body of the issues caused by say weight gain and smoking.

This is not the normal hypnosis out there. This is very different to the NLP and the standard hypnotherapy as well. They have their place, but I much prefer the method I use and my clients are getting great results from it.

Traumatic Event: I can also take you the day of a traumatic event to really see what happened and why. To see it from an observers point of view, and you will not have the pain of reliving it again. It is a very peaceful way to understand more of that event and what happened. This can be a UFO experience a childhood trauma or anything that caused something in your life to shutdown or be scared of.

Why have hypnosis: This is a great way to break habits, stop over eating, stop smoking, relieve stress and many things going on in your life. Hypnosis is a great way to re-program your mind in a way. To do something different from what you have been doing over and over.

Hypnotherapy is very safe: In fact, you go through this process twice a day when you are going to sleep and when you awaken. Of course you go though the steps, much quicker. We just don't go into Delta state, as that is when you are sleeping. I need you still be awake so you can talk to me on what you are see, what you and feeling and experiencing.

A typical hypnotherapy session will go for about 3 to 4 hours and costs $300. I like to allocate 4 hours as I want to get to all your issues and have all your questions answered before you leave. Please have a think about what you are wanting to heal and write down about 8 - 10 questions that you have and want answers too. Many people are coming to me to find out there life purpose as we are awaken during this amazing time, many people are questioning why we are really here and what should I be doing?

Hi, I am Chris Walker and work in Rowville and Wantirna in Melbourne and I really do love helping people to get over the issues that hold them back in life. The transformation that occurs is truly amazing.

For more information on what happens during a typical hypnosis or past life regression session, please visit My Past Life Regression Webpage

Changing The Habits

This is where we can change and undo the sort of programming that is going on in your sub-conscious. Normally this is running without you really even knowing what is going on. Like habits and moving in life in auto pilot.

It is sort of like NLP "Neuro Linguistic Programming", but because you are in a deep state of relaxation, your sub-conscious hears it much better, or more to the point you are not thinking or interfering with the process from your conscious mind, the ego.

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What is Hypnosis Good For

✓ Stop smoking

✓ Lose weight

✓ Stress relief and management

✓ Phobias

✓ Confidence

✓ Getting over Grief

✓ Addictions like Drug, Alcohol and Gambling

You see, some issues are unresolved from past lives, that is why sometimes you have no idea why they are even there, sometimes you cannot make a connection between an event happening and a issue. Even after going over it over and over. That is why I love past life regression work so much.

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More Information or booking a session

Bookings are available from 10:00 am - 10:00 pm, week days. And 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Saturday and Sunday.

Contact Chris Walker on 0413-744-447 to make a book for get any more information. Please note the phone will be silenced during sessions. So please text or leave a message if I am busy.

Contact Light Dynamics Healing to find a time for a session that's right for you.