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Light Dynamics Healing by Chris Walker for healing work around Rowville in Melbourne

Light Dynamics Healing Energy

Light Dynamics healing is an effective way to assist people who feel out of touch with themselves and their purpose, who struggle on a daily basis to make positive shifts in their lives and who are seeking a way to feel reconnected and integrated.

Light Dynamics enables the practitioner to connect to the precise energy frequency that is needed to perform the healing. As a result, it works in a much more targeted and subtle manner. As the energy moves through the person, it can move and shift to where it is most needed.

Consciousness is the source of your current manifest reality, by healing and shifting the alignment of what your consciousness is connecting to, you can effect positive change in your life. For this reason, Light Dynamics healing is very effective to assist in letting go and releasing dis-ease, trauma and old habits/life patterns which you no longer desire. Light Dynamics healing is also effective in healing cellular memory and psychic injuries.

Light Dynamics healing can be given either hands-on / hands–off or via absentee healing (distant healing).

Afterwards there is a sense of clarity, wellness and reconnection that lasts and increases in strength as over time.

Chris was among the first people in 2012 to receive Light Dynamics. Since then, he has completed Light Dynamics 1, 2, 3 and teacher levels and is very active within the Light Dynamics community.

Chris’s Light Dynamics healing work focuses on channelling Light for his client’s personal healing and transformation. He particularly enjoys healing with Light Dynamics, as "the frequency of the [Light Dynamics] healing energy is self-adjusting and has a much wider energy ‘bandwidth’ than other healing modalities".

Light Dynamics is actually an accelerated pathway for your own spiritual development, It will have you more connected to life, and an over welling sense of peace will be with you.

After a person has received the 3 level's of attunements, source light or GOD will still continue to give new attuenment when needed for your next growth cycles. This will continue as needed. How all is that. I don't know of any other modalities that does this.

It comes with its own healing modality, that can be given to yourself and to others, with hands on, hands off, or via distant healing.

This is what I use for a Light Dynamics Healing session. We are also using this healing at many psychic expos around Melbourne. Please see the Events page to have a sample 10 minute Light Dynamics Session.


A Light Dynamics Healing session costs $80 and lasts for 1 hour.

Please see our contact page to make a booking for a Light Dynamics Healing session.

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