Reiki a hands on healing in Rowville Melbourne by Chris Walker

Reiki Hands on Healing

Reiki by Chris Walker

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands on, or a hands off energy healing system that was developed in the 1920's by Dr. Usui. The system of reiki was taught or rather given to him directly and he used it to heal himself.

Once a master practitioner has received the attunements from a Reiki Master, they are more open to connect to the energy or chi or life force that flows in the universe. They then can channel that energy to a person, animals or pets.

It is mostly hands on with certain hand positions on the body, but it can also be above the body working on the other light bodies as well. Also symbols are used to produce a certain frequencies of energy to help amplify or concentrate the energy to a particular area.

Reiki can also balance the charka's of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of imbalances.

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What to except in a Reiki session?

You are laying on your back on a massage table, fully clothed, but items, like phones, watches etc are asked to be removed, as the energy can interfere with them.

You will feel very relaxed while the energy moves in, around and through you. As you bliss out during the session, many people feel more energy around them, than what is going thought the hands onto you. Some clients feel there are more hands around them, more people or energy than just the me when I am working on them.

As energy is channeled, it comes through the hands, but also through the healer. Also I ask my guide and healer friends is spirit to step forward and work with me. A main master I work with is "The Arch Angel Raphael", as he is the master healer. I really love working with his energy. He is also a great teacher fto me.

I also tune in for the best Reiki music, mantras, or sound healing to use during the session that is best for you.

Unlike a Light Dynamics healing, where diagnosis it not required, I can give messages and let you know what is going on in and around your body.

I also work with crystals to enhance the session benefits that also work with the Reiki energy.

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What does it feel like?

Most clients feel the energy is warm or cold or tingles, and other gentle sensations. and very relaxing. Some feel like they are sinking into the massage table.

As I have done many other healing modalities, you will also have the benefit of them working as well. As once they are turned on in a person, they is no way to turn them off. One major modality I also love to use is, Light Dynamics, which is also a very power healing and shifting modality.

Healing sessions run for 60 minutes. Longer times are not needed as you will need time for the energy to work, shift, heal and move what is needed.

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Benefits of a Reiki Treatment

Benefits of a Reiki Treatment

         * Reduce negative side effects

         * Shorten healing time

         * Reduce or eliminate pain

         * Reduce stress, anxiety and depression

         * Release negative fears

         * Much better deeper sleep

         * Recharge your batteries

         * Release blockages in your life

         * Improve digestion

         * Enhanced well-being and stronger self-esteem

         * Support for substance abuse recovery

         * Heighten intuition and greater self-awareness

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A Reiki session costs $80 and lasts for a Blissful 1 hour.

Please see our contact page to make a booking for a Reiki healing session in Rowville, Melbourne.

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